Platino Award for Mark and Patricia Taylor

Congratulations to Mark and Patricia Taylor

A number of Ferrari Club of America, Ottawa Chapter members attended the 2018 FCA Annual Meet in Corning, New York.

The Taylors entered their Ferrari FF in the Concours D’Elegance and their meticulous preparation won them the highest level Platino Award with 97 points Plus.

This qualified them for the Coppa Bella Machina competition. The goal of the Coppa Bella Macchina competition is to determine if all the equipment/components on your Ferrari are fully functional and if everything operates as designed when the car left the factory including an on-road demonstration. Again they won !

Congratulations to Mark and Patricia. In addition to the formal awards they received, a ceremonial presentation of a congratulatory cigar was given to Mark by other members of the club present. Fun was had by all !

Chuck StorryComment